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Project Description

Crack Pie


This intense, heavenly pie excites my family every time I make it.  A slice of it is pure decadence.  All that goes into making this dense, sweet pie is well-worth it.  To be enjoyed with unsweetened whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.  With a spoon.  If you like toffee or caramel desserts, you will love this.  If you do not have a sweet tooth, you will not.  Also known as Momofuku’s Crack Pie, it is made with butter, brown sugar, eggs, cream, and pure vanilla.  Momofuku has several restaurants in New York and Toronto.

Rene Lynch of the L.A. Times says “[the] crust… is divinely rustic and unrefined — don’t bother trying to get a perfect edge as you press it into the pie plate. It just won’t happen. It’s not an understatement to say that this pie defies description… It’s ooey-gooey. Buttery and rich. Silky… I’ll wager that it’s not like any pie you’ve ever had before…”

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