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Project Description

French Silk Pie


Two words: Chocolate and Silk. This pie is well-named. If you’re a fan of a good chocolate tart, you shouldn’t miss the French Silk Pie. The difference between the two is the texture of the chocolate, and the freshly whipped cream on top. Beginning with a dark chocolate, I melt it, then whip pasteurised eggs into it, one at a time, for almost half an hour per pie. The effect is a dreamy, smooth chocolate that may take you by surprise.

Although the eggs in this recipe are coddled and therefore safe, they are still raw.  So this dessert is not for those with raw egg allergies.  In high school, I used to visit the local “Baker’s Square” restaurant with friends and order a slice of this pie as a weekly indulgence… this one is sentimental to me. I am thrilled to be able to make it for my family, and for Irish chocolate lovers!

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