Take the Cake has an online presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Facebook has given us the most exposure, with our number of followers growing every week.  Word-of-mouth has been our strongest driver, with Facebook reviews encouraging people to try our products.  Here are a few of them:

“Kris’s baking delights are awesome! We are making our way through her menu and are approaching the halfway point. The cookies are soft, buttery, and baked to perfection. Wow! You can really taste the quality ingredients. The brownies are perfect and the carrot cake is, to coin a phrase, indescribably delicious! Must plan the next trip to Dublin.”

Gary Hetzler, Co Clare



“Oh my God the Cinnamon Rolls…were out of this world! Only one left now and I think there are going to be huge family fights over it! Thanks so much Kris!!”

Vassoula Pap, Castleknock

“Oh my! Just picked up our Peanut Butter Pie and Cinnamon Rolls and they are to die for! The frosting is so delicious and light and so much cinnamon! Yummmmmm! Holly was in heaven and even managed a second helping! … Peanut Butter Pie IS ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD! Like the most luscious, luxurious giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ever only better! Everyone just loved it and raved about it for the whole evening and it’s so rich there is still some left for my dinner party tonight! The perfect party cake! Thank you so much! Can not wait to try some more of your cakes!”

Caroline O'Connell, Blanchardstown



“Massive choc cake from Take The Cake … Best Ever had”

Trevor Grealey, Navan Road

“Krissy’s cookies, breads and crack pie were great, but let me tell you about the chocolate cake. I don’t like chocolate cake. It’s too often dry and bland and boring. One bite of Kris’s cake, though, and I was in love. It’s rich and moist and so, so chocolatey. It’s not so rich that you can only have a tiny sliver, but there is an amazing depth of flavor that is so often lacking in chocolate cake. So good.”

Erin Wiley Lucido, Blackhorse Ave



“Just want to thank you Krissy for the Key Lime Pie you made yesterday for my Mum’s birthday, I have no words to describe it and all of your cakes, it was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, my Mum loved it, THANK YOU”

Rachael Farrelly, Cabra