• Chocolate Cupcakes

    Chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting. A crowd pleaser!
  • Brownies

    Good, old-fashioned, dependable brownies. Featured on Ireland AM! These melt in your mouth, and they are completely uncomplicated. Eat them plain or warm with vanilla ice cream.
  • A gorgeous dessert for any day of the week or special occasion. There is not a lot of sugar in this recipe, so the chocolate frosting balances it out beautifully. For those who feel that a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting would be too much, this is an inviting alternative.
  • Our enticing version is a cupcake soaked with cherry liqueur and topped with freshly-whipped cream. Many happy customers have said this is the best version of it they've ever had! Note: Only available by the dozen.
  • It is a dense, moist cheesecake using Philadelphia cream cheese and pure vanilla. The crust is made with ground digestive biscuits. I also make a sour cream topping for it, which deepens the flavour. This is a creamy, flavourful cheesecake that will not disappoint.
  • What makes a Key Lime Pie a Key Lime Pie?  KEY LIMES, of course!  We make ours with authentic Key Lime juice from Key West, Florida.  This is one of our only imported ingredients, and we would never settle for less.  Key Limes are small, zesty limes that really pack a punch -- a very different experience from regular limes.  This pie is exquisite – digestive biscuit crust with a key lime filling, topped off with freshly whipped cream and fresh lime zest.  It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before!  If a Key Lime Pie isn't made with authentic Key Lime juice, it's not a real Key Lime Pie.  This is the real deal.
  • Since I was a child, my favourite dessert has been French Silk Pie. If you’re a fan of a good chocolate tart, you shouldn’t miss this American classic. We begin by melting dark chocolate, then we whip eggs into it, one at a time, for at least ½ hour per pie. The effect is a dreamy, smooth chocolate that may take you by surprise. This pie is named very appropriately. Shortcrust base topped with freshly-whipped cream. Allergen note: This dessert contains raw pasteurised egg.
  • Our Coconut Cream Pie might be common in North America, but it is not common in Ireland! If you love coconut, you simply must try this dessert. For me, it’s the most glorious and seductive pie. I start with fresh shortcrust pastry, and fill it with a freshly-cooked coconut custard with bits of coconut in it. I top that off with freshly-whipped cream, sprinkle some toasted coconut on top, chill, and voila.  A couple of reviews on this pie:  "No words."  and "I have never tasted anything like this!"
  • Crack Pie

    Founder Krissy Gibson made this on Ireland AM in 2018, and Take the Cake is the only bakery in Ireland that serves it.  Crack Pie comes from New York pastry Chef Christina Tosi.  Netflix has a show called “Chef’s Table”, in which Chef Tosi is featured making this in Season 4, Episode 1.  If you like toffee or caramel desserts, you will love this topped with unsweetened whipped cream. It is made with butter, brown sugar, eggs, cream, and pure vanilla. Rene Lynch of the L.A. Times says “[the] crust… is divinely rustic and unrefined -- don't bother trying to get a perfect edge as you press it into the pie plate. It just won't happen. It's not an understatement to say that this pie defies description... It's ooey-gooey. Buttery and rich. I'll wager that it's not like any pie you've ever had before…”
  • Pecan Pie

    Are you a pecan lover? This divine pie is made with loads of pecans, brown sugar and dark rum. Particularly popular in the southern U.S. states, it is known for its sweet, gooey richness. It is to be eaten warm OR cold, and definitely with a scoop of plain vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Do you like peanut butter? Ganache? Oreos? This dessert will enthrall you. Its crust is made with crushed Oreo cookies, followed with a peanut butter cream, and topped off with fresh chocolate ganache. The flavours go together so stunningly, it puts Reese's peanut butter cups to the test.
  • Milk Tart

    This is the Take the Cake version of  South African Milk Tart. It is a cooked custard filling with a digestive biscuit crust, topped with Cinnamon and sugar. Not too sweet. If you like custard, you will love this pie.